Choosing a trainer.

When choosing a trainer the inclination is,
“he’s ripped and fit he must be good”
He did it, he can teach me to do it, right.

Well the thing is that he could have great genetics.
Be naturally athletic and coordinated, meaning he learned
The movements fast and easy. And builds muscle easily.

And the truth is many personal trainers have no hands on experience
Training when they start, they pass a test and think now I have learned
All I need to learn.

I was one of them.

When people are natural at something they don’t go through
A learning phase, they acquire skill to easily.
and therefore have a hard time teaching the movements to “regular” people.
They never learned any teaching cues.

Make sure your trainer is someone who has worked
on his or her skill, that way he is better suited to teach it to others.
I found this out the hard way.

For me it was frustrating when I was trying to teach movements
In boxing and lifting.
I had learned by watching and doing.
Why can’t you. Arghhh!!!

The fix.

I finally realized this when coach deconstructed my movements,
he said “you learned to squat on your own didn’t you.
You do it well but it so instinctual that you can’t break it up into it’s basics”.

That’s it I thought, I learned a movement so easily that I
Expected everyone else to get it easily too.
That’s why I dove into Olympic lifts and kettle bell movements with different coaches.
Threw away my ego and started my schooling all over again.

Starting from scratch I learned all my lifts again taking in all the
teaching cues and developing my own on the way.
By now I had been training others for four years.

I now go on a regular basis to different coaches and start again.
With all my movements in both lifting and boxing.
I always take something new away from it
and it makes me a better coach.

If I get too comfortable with something I drop it for a while.
Then going to a coach and get him to teach it to me as if I was a novice.
It’s humbling and hard on the ego and necessary for everyone.

Stay away from “I know it all” people and certainly don’t become one.

Train for life


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