Dealing with a bad day

We all have a bad workout day.
A day were the bar just seems heavier then usual.
Most drudge through the haphazard workout and plan on making
up for it on the next one.

Next time it happens, try this.
Pick two large movements.
For example: Kettlebell or dumbbell swings
and some kind of deadlift variations.
Do a circuit and make short max (10 min) and intense.
You are more likely to crush the workout,
and you can be guilt free. Not that you should feel any.

Another thing I do is I note down my mood,
nutrition and sleep even weather.
And soon I can see why I am not up to the workout.
Now I can make conscious effort to avoid things that mess me up.

If you are having “bad workouts” frequently I suggest you do this.

Lack of sleep, being sick or injures are usually things out of our control.
You just have to roll with it.
Staying up late to watch TV, eating crappy food, having a few drinks
or being stressed are all things you can actively avoid.

Now for the difficult part.

Ask your self.
Am I making up excuses and putting up mental barricades.

Oh it’s so gray outside and raining of course I’m tired.
It’s been a long day, it’s ok to take it easy.
It’s going to be a long day, I need to take it easy.


If you need a restday take one, that’s fine but ALWAYS crush the workout.

Train for life


4 thoughts on “Dealing with a bad day

  1. Nákvæmlega! Hvort sem það er workout eða einhvað annað. ALWAYS CRUSH IT 🙂 Þú ert að gera æðislega hluti Bjarki en þú veist það nú svosem 😉

  2. It is sometimes good to consider maybe a complete change of workout? Sometimes it is hard to recognize a plateau and a bad day. Specially if the training during the week is varied and the plateau just affects one area of the body.

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