When in doubt, run.

People tend to over think what workout paradigm is the best for them and their goals.
What should I do to burn fat, build muscle, get lean, get fit etc
Unsurprisingly the search for the right way leaves them frustrated and no steps are taken as a result and excuses pile up.
Getting fit, strong and healthy is not complicated. Here is a start point.
Running something everyone should do. I am not talking marathon here. Start with a mile for time then try to beat that time, then add 20 pushups and 20 squats and beat the time again, then add a 5-10lb rucksack.
This increases work capacity and athleticism and I find that it strengthens mentality when you are fighting that voice in your head that is telling you to quit and go home.
Run for 5 min or go for a set distance and do a set of bodyweight squats, lunges, jumps, push and pullups or whatever you can think of, do this for 30 min or 2 miles, keep it short, intense and don’t over think just work your butt of and this will get you crazy results in a short time.
As a bonus you can do an awesome workout in 20-30 min and short intense sets have been shown to increase lean muscle and burn fat fast.
If running a mile is too much then do a 1min jog-1min walk for a set time or distance until you can jog a mile.
On my rest days I usually go for a 2-5mile run and do a bunch of bodyweight exercises enroute. If I find stones or logs I lift them, do pullups in monkey bars and swings, few sprints here and there depending how I feel.
Stick to the basics and work hard.

Train for life


The Gym


Training now for 5 months as an urban athlete, my favorite place is by far Central Park. Logs, stones, trees and playgrounds. Everthing I need to get me and my clients animal strong, fast and healthy.

Sled drag and bodyweight

Riverside park has an awesome sandpit and traveling rings. I took my boy Matt (a high altitude climber) down there to shake him up after the holiday coma:) After a good warmup (it was around -3 Celcius) we did a tag team workout of 80lb Sled drag alternating forward and backwards while the other did a bodyweight circuit. Did three rounds adding to the sled distance each round, other doing as many rounds as possible of 8 reps each: Mixed Pushups, mixgrip pullups, squats and lungejump. We finished with a 1 mile run. The “sled” is a old sandbag that I tie a rope on.

Sled drag aprox
150 yards
300 yards
450 yards