“I met Bjarki Bragason while just starting to workout, with no direction, at the Central Park pull-up bars. I have not worked out in years, and it showed, with overall weakness, and lack of athleticism. I missed being the athlete I once was. I had a severe knee injury that made me think I would never be able to run, jog, skip, squat, lay or sit on the ground or jump ever again in my life. I did not run or do any of those other normal activities in five years when I met Bjarki.

Not only have we made life long friends, and push each other as workout partners, but he has enabled me to do all the above, plus more, the better to get back into Alpine climbing shape for the Himalayas and beyond.

To say that he changed my life for the better is an understatement, and now I can continue to pursue my mountaineering goals, and dreams due to his brutal, but great workouts. Make no fuss about it, you are going to have to WORK, but if you listen to him, and follow through on your end, I can guarantee you that you will be very happy of the result.

Bjarki, a sandbag and my legs equals inches of growth in circumference, more importantly, STRENGTH!

Look, I could not run at all, nor jump! Three months later I am doing all that and way more! I have improved by orders of magnitude, thanks to Bjarki Bragason.”

Matthew Langlois

“Training with Bjarki change my life.
When I started I was 96kg, in no shape and weak.
I went from 96kg to 81kg and packed on some serious muscle and taking my
deadlift max from 110kg to 155kg in five months.
Bjarki is a great mentor”.

Kristófer Þórsson

“I am the kind of person that hates the gym but I really want to stay in shape.
I don‘t know how many times I have bought really expensive
membership to fancy gyms and start going to them once or twice and then just quit.
But when I met Bjarki, my attitude to working out changed drastically.
I started to love working out and I never wanted to miss practise !
He helped me to be in the best shape of my life.
The combination of exercises, his enthusiasm and encouragement made the difference.
Best coach I have ever had !”

Hanna Soffia Bergmann

“Bjarki was the first trainer to introduce me to compound exercises which completely changed my way of training. Besides making the training sessions enjoyable, the coherence between the different exercises and drills trained from one day to another was what impressed me the most. It was just not random exercises designed to make people sweat and feel as if they worked out. These sessions were linked between each other providing the best possible training I needed. Another thing I like is his no-nonsense approach in training, training is tough because it has to be tough to work and to provide results. ”

Alfonso Mirales


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